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Saturnalia collects, analyses and provides data within a single platform. With Saturnalia the data fragmentation problem is solved.

Scientific approach

Saturnalia leverages satellite-derived data and AI-driven predictive models. The scientific method and Saturnalia proprietary indexes are synonymous with objectivity and transparency.

Exclusive data

Saturnalia provides exclusive tools to really let you know everything about your favourite wines. Explore vineyards in 3D, learn about grape growth trends and compare different wines based on price and quality.

Ahead of the game

Saturnalia evaluations on grape quality are ready soon after the harvest. Moreover, our data collection system allows to know more about qualitative and value trends of previous vintages.

Speaking about us

As an En Primeur investor, grape quality is the decisive factor for me. In a vintage like Bordeaux 2020, with a record drought and record precipitation in a single season, no source of information is superior to Saturnalia. Saturnalia offers a fact based judgement on each producer, eliminating marketing noise and subjective opinions. In an age when nearly every wine critic awards 90 plus points to nearly anyone, Saturnalia shows the wide range of quality across both producers and vintages in a single side-by-side comparison. Another feature I like is that Saturnalia keeps an eye on my wine collection. It helps me detect if the market price of a particular wine shoots above its quality level or if a wine hits maturity. This saves a ton of time and greatly protects the value of my collection.

Martin V. Customer, Czech Republic

Since we have partnered with Saturnalia and decided to integrate their data on our app, our clients have been able to make more informed decisions on their purchases and discover more details about their favourite wines.

Mario Colesanti Head of Sales & Marketing, Vindome, Monaco

We decided to leverage Saturnalia satellite-derived data for our annual vintage report on the Bordeaux En Primeur. The result was impressive, as the 2020 report reached a level of detail that could not have been achieved without Saturnalia: our clients could benefit from every kind of insight on the weather, and its impact on the growing season.

Jake Leighton Head of Investment , JF Tobias, UK

    Why choose Saturnalia

    Saturnalia is the only platform capable of providing a 360-degree immersive experience within the fine wine landscape: explore the most celebrated vineyards in 3D and gather objective data on the quality and value of the most renowned wines. Thanks to the elaboration of satellite-derived data and the application of artificial intelligence, Saturnalia helps you always stay one step ahead.

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    What can you find on Saturnalia?

    Wine Explorer

    Saturnalia is the only platform completely designed for fine wines capable of offering a 3D view of the single vineyards: from the most renowned Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé to the MGA of Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Bolgheri, Burgundy and Rhone. Many other areas are also waiting to be mapped.

    Quality analytics

    Saturnalia collects data both from satellites and ground, which we then elaborate into three proprietary indexes capable of predicting the grape quality. Specifically, at the end of harvest we extract the Vintage Score of the vintage overall quality and we also provide every additional index indicating grape quality.

    Price analytics

    Thanks to our collaboration with Liv-ex, the prices for the most renowned wines stay always up-to-date, providing a continuous spotlight on their value: from the release price to its evolution over time. Moreover, every month we provide exclusively the value trends for the top 100 Bordeaux wines.

    Wine comparison

    Compare wines and vintages both horizontally and vertically: don’t stop at prices and scores, but discover how weather variables have dictated the evolution of a wine right from the first grape. A dream coming true for every wine enthusiast: to know all about their collection, while always staying one step ahead.

    Harvest Reports

    Every year Saturnalia produces data-driven harvest reports for the world’s most known wine-growing areas: they are the best way to always stay up-to-date on the qualitative development of the vintage. Whether you are a producer, a technician, a collector or a merchant, you cannot miss our reports to guide all your production or market decisions.

    Bordeaux Focus

    A section exclusively designed for Bordeaux. Thanks to our proprietary model, the Saturnalia Vintage Score, we can predict grape quality already in November and before critics’ tastings for a pool of 100 Bordeaux wines. The Monthly Price Trend tracks and compares wine value over time: the most suitable tool to better manage your collection.

    Data & AI

    How Saturnalia works

    Who's Saturnalia for?

    Wine lovers and collectors

    To those who are driven by the desire to know everything – until the last drop – about their favourite wines, Saturnalia provides them with unique tools: explore every single cru in 3D or gather every piece of information you need before committing yourself to a wine investment decision. 

    Wine merchants and brokers

    The professionals of wine who always want to make the right decisions for themselves and their clients cannot miss Saturnalia. You can easily embed Saturnalia services into your website through our API integrations, so to step up your business and stay ahead of competition.

    Producers and Consortia

    We provide producers and Consortia with innovative services, tailored to everyone’s needs. Saturnalia offers every necessary tool to develop a winemaker’s business within a phygital context: 3D vineyards dynamic maps, analyses of production data and of grape qualitative trends. 

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