Vineyard health in real time.

save on time and costs with daily satellite monitoring, 

beyond what the eye can see.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At Saturnalia, we’re transforming the way vineyards are managed and reducing costs, by showing you beyond what the eye can see.
Our daily monitoring tool, powered the latest satellite technology and artificial intelligence, offers a helping hand to winemakers. Keep an eye on your grapes’ health in real-time, ensuring your vines get the attention they need.
With Saturnalia, you can expect enhanced wine quality and consistency, saving on time and money as well as reduced wastage by putting your effort where it’s most needed.
Save Time & Reduce Costs
Put the effort where it matters, and let Saturnalia do the work for you. Cut down on time and operational costs significantly, such as manure and fuel, by pinpointing the specific areas for intervention, minimising unnecessary labour.
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Know Your Vineyard Like Never Before
Analyse historical data and observe the evolution of your vineyard and growth patterns. With the data captured through our satellite-technology, you can identify trends, assess long-term changes, and make informed decisions for the future of your vineyard management.
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Make Informed Decisions
Our advanced algorithms process data to provide you with actionable insights, empowering you to make informed data-driven decisions for your vineyard's growth and quality.
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Use Next-Generation Technology
Benefit from detailed and comprehensive data derived from high-resolution satellite imagery, enabling optimal vineyard management. Observe the health of each individual vine, and put the effort where it's needed.
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24/7 Knowledge of Your Vineyard's Health
Daily insights into your vineyard's health at any-time, from anywhere; ensuring proactive management and rapid responses to changes for healthier grapevines.
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Who's talking about us

As an En Primeur investor, grape quality is the decisive factor for me. In a vintage like Bordeaux 2020, with a record drought and record precipitation in a single season, no source of information is superior to Saturnalia. Saturnalia offers a fact based judgement on each producer, eliminating marketing noise and subjective opinions. In an age when nearly every wine critic awards 90 plus points to nearly anyone, Saturnalia shows the wide range of quality across both producers and vintages in a single side-by-side comparison. Another feature I like is that Saturnalia keeps an eye on my wine collection. It helps me detect if the market price of a particular wine shoots above its quality level or if a wine hits maturity. This saves a ton of time and greatly protects the value of my collection.

Martin V. Customer, Czech Republic

Since we have partnered with Saturnalia and decided to integrate their data on our app, our clients have been able to make more informed decisions on their purchases and discover more details about their favourite wines.

Mario Colesanti Head of Sales & Marketing, Vindome, Monaco

We decided to leverage Saturnalia satellite-derived data for our annual vintage report on the Bordeaux En Primeur. The result was impressive, as the 2020 report reached a level of detail that could not have been achieved without Saturnalia: our clients could benefit from every kind of insight on the weather, and its impact on the growing season.

Jake Leighton Head of Investment , JF Tobias, UK

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