A review on recent vintages of the main fine wine production areas

Saturnalia provides exclusive, detailed and early harvest reports for the main regions, sub-regions, communes, crus and appellations that are relevant for wine investment. All our analyses, based on factual data and derived by our proprietary AI-based model, will provide you with in-depth information on climate conditions, amount of precipitations, the risk of diseases (only for some regions) and predict the overall quality of wine.

Our focus can range from the entire macro-area (such as the Bordeaux region) to a single appellation (e.g. Pauillac) and reach the single vineyard. Extra information such as the performance in terms of prices of previous vintages will also be provided to further enhance the level of information provided.

Although regional vintage reports always contain elements of generalisation, we believe that science-based analyses can offer a new, reliable and transparent tool at the disposal of the global wine industry, as we offer our clients the best-in-class data to make their own decisions.


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