Exclusive early score predictions soon after the harvest

Thanks to our artificial intelligence model, scores for selected fine wines are predicted soon after the harvest.

Currently our predictions include a panel of around 100 fine wines of Bordeaux and soon we'll cover other selected fine wines from Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco, Bolgheri, Montalcino and Napa.

Early knowledge of the scores can represent a precious tool for investors, as it can give them additional time and insights to make more informed decisions on their future investments

Our first scores have been computed and published in March 2019 before the ‘En Primeur 2018’ event. The chart shows a comparison with scores later published by several wine critics.


In November 2019 we published a first round of scores for the vintage 2019, followed by a second round of scores published in May, before the main critics.


Read our blog posts on the comparison with the critics and the accuracy of our model if you want to know more and discover how our scores performed when compared to the actual critics’ ones.