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Barolo 2016: a preview of our vintage analysis A sneak peek using Saturnalia algorithms on the vintage being released July 30, 2020
Analysis of price variation of 10 Bordeaux Vintages Our new analysis takes a look on the possible variables that may influence the price variations in the short term for a set of 10 Bordeaux vintages and how they can be largely predicted by our algorithms. July 13, 2020
Saturnalia scores for Bordeaux Primeurs recap: part 2 Here is the second group of Saturnalia scores released so far for Bordeaux En Primeur wines. Price variation analyses and critics' scores are also available. July 1, 2020
On the Accuracy of the Predictive Model for Saturnalia Score: Bordeaux 2018 and 2019 Find out more about Saturnalia predictive model and discover how it works, as it manages to compute the scores for the future vintage immediately after the harvest and before critics' tastings. June 29, 2020
Le Figaro Vin writes about Saturnalia: read the full article Le Figaro Vin has recently written an article on Saturnalia, discussing the premises and the method behind our early scores originated from satellite data. June 24, 2020
Bordeaux En Primeur 2019: critics' scores and Saturnalia predictions The En Primeur in Bordeaux is getting to an end, and the critics' score are almost all avaliable. How well did Saturnalia perform in comparison to them? Can Artificial Intelligence go along human judgement? Read our analysis to find out more. June 22, 2020
Saturnalia scores for Bordeaux Primeurs recap: part 1 Here are all the Saturnalia scores released so far for Bordeaux En Primeur wines. More to follow. June 12, 2020
Bordeaux hailstorm of 17th April 2020 Saturnalia damage assessment of the hailstorm which struck Bordeaux on April 17 June 3, 2020
En Primeur May update & scores release Discover how to obtain Saturnalia early scores for more than 50 Bordeaux Châteaux! May 29, 2020
An analysis of price variation for Bordeaux Châteaux An analysis of price variation in the short/medium term for a panel of 100 top Bordeaux Châteaux May 20, 2020
En Primeur 2019 update Here is an update on the recently postponed En Primeur event April 30, 2020