“One reason people succeed is that they have knowledge other people don't.” Tony Robbins

[“Wine is an art, but its production is knowledge.”]

Nowadays we are fascinated how ‘Big Data’ analysis is affecting our societies in many fields, such as robotics, security, health, logistics, marketing, etc. All started from having access to knowledge.

We believe that wine and vineyards should be part of this too, and that’s why next year we are going to launch the ‘Saturnalia Academy’.

We would give an easy access to tons of data on globally located wine productions areas. Among these: multi-spectral analysis along the phenological cycle, weather-related data on a daily basis, vineyards properties, etc.

Students, and passionate too, would get additional insights about vineyards and their behaviors along the years. You may find interesting links about wine and their properties with data patterns, as well as chemical analysis with spectral response.

Producers may be part of this by joining the ‘Saturnalia Academy’, and thus releasing the data they want within the platform. In exchange they will get free insights from professionals which start exploring and analyzing their datasets.


If you want to be part of the first pool of users, please fill the form below to get contacted and being part of it. LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE!

If you are a wine producer, or you know someone which will be happy to join the platform, let us know by writing an email to: